Study carefully the system, system is being created to help every member fulfill what they want in life, if you
understand the ideology, the risk and TRUST the system then you are ready to register as a member of this community. Remember the participants are the system, if we trust and take care of the community we can make it last a long period of time and it means many lives will be changed.

Bank Account
User needs to have a bank  account, this is the only payment processor accepted inside Double Capital.
PH (Provide Help):
* User Can PH (Provide Help) from 10000,20000,50000 or 100000 Maximum.
* The pairing link will be assigned within 24 hours after posting.
* The sender should process the payment by:
 1. Sending the money to the participant bank account
2.Click confirm payment  and wait for the receiver to confirm
The sender has 1 hours to process his Provide Help.

Growth: (Growing GH)
User will get growth of 100 % Instantly.
The growth shall be claim Instantly.
GH (Get Help) & Re-commitment:
User can apply for the get help after completing his PH
Available GH will take effect after donation is confirmed by receiver.

User can click Get help to withdraw grown donation. We can  assure that Get Help will be given to you within 24 hours. Test it to prove it!

If GH is not paid by the assigning participants the admin will pay within 24 hours after GH expiry time. Another participant will be assigned to you immediately.

 Confirmation of Payment:
•   While confirming the amount Receiver needs to make sure money is received
•   If receiver after getting the amount don't give the confirmation within maximum 24 hours id will get blocked permanently and won't be re-open under any condition and Sender will get confirmation by the admin after checking proof of payment
  We are very strict on FAKE ATTACHMENT anyone reported doing so will automatically deleted from the system, this is to protect our community, real people with good intentions will be left inside the community.
 Bonus is design to reward active promoter of the program and ensuring the community to run long term.